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Taiwan Has Not Been a Part of China

Secretary Michael R. Pompeo With Hugh Hewitt of The Hugh Hewitt Show(Official )

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NOVEMBER 12, 2020

[ Taiwan has not been a part of China]


QUESTION: Mr. Secretary, when I interviewed you at Langley and you were the director at the agency, and when I interviewed you at Foggy Bottom and you were the Secretary of State, both occasions you said our commitments to Taiwan are clear and they will be maintained. I know you talk to Democrats all the time. Do you believe that is a bipartisan commitment that the CCP has to realize? Because there is crazy talk among the most radical elements of the CCP that Taiwan ought to be retaken by force if necessary.

SECRETARY POMPEO: Well, Hugh, remember, when we talk about – it’s always important to get the language right. [ Taiwan has not been a part of China], and that was recognized with the work that the Reagan administration did to lay out the policies that the United States has adhered to now for three and a half decades, and done so under both administrations. No, I actually think this is in fact bipartisan. I think the central understandings that this is a model for democracy, that the people who live on Taiwan ought to be honored by having the Chinese live up to the commitments that they have made – I think this is something that both parties can agree to.

And I hope that this will continue for as long as it’s the case that the Chinese and the Taiwanese can’t figure their way through this. We ought to honor the commitments that have been made and we have a set of obligations. You’ve seen our announcements with respect to weapon sales to Taiwan to assist in their defense capabilities. All of these things are designed to live up to the promises that have been made between, frankly, China and the Taiwanese people.

臺灣人民的二項聲明 ;


針對黨國觀念、大一統思想的中國難民鄭惠中,利用李登輝 先生告別儀式會場勢無忌憚的破壞現場、潑紅漆,嚴重製造臺灣內部對立,臺灣人民強烈譴責唾棄這種惡劣的行徑且應處以最嚴厲的關押法辨處置 ! 對敵人仁慈寬容就是對自己殘酷傷害,臺灣人民追求的自由、民主、人權絕對容不得破壞,創建臺灣成為一個主權完整的全新國家也絕對永不休止 !



( 漢文由蔡明法撰寫 )


The Chinese refugee, Hui Chung Zen, with beliefs of KMT and united China, took the chance of farewell ceremony. She relentlessly destroyed the ceremonial site by spoiling red wax. This event severely caused the civil hostility among Taiwan. All the Taiwanese should be strongly against her evil behavior. I addition, the Authority should punish her by putting in the jail. As we know, to be kind and tolerant to your enemy is to harm yourself cruelly. The struggle of Taiwanese to seek for Liberty, Democracy and Human Right should not be perished. To establish Taiwan as a new country with an integral autonomy should not be ended forever.



Taiwan Autonomy Foundation
Taiwan Autonomy Association

(英文由 Yvette Su 撰寫 )

針對美國衞生部長Azar前腳剛離開臺灣;中共隨即發佈多軍種近日在台海及南北兩端實戰演練一事 兹發表聲明如下:






( 漢文由 Tom Chang 撰寫 )



The American Minister of Health Azar just left Taiwan. However, the Chinese Communists began to threatenTaiwan by military exercises along Taiwan Strait and around the Island.
We announced as follows:
Taiwan Autonomy Alliance strongly blamed the Chinese Communists bullying the land of Taiwan that was never held and never belonged to China. Their behaviors around Taiwan had been called invasion.
In the meanwhile, we have to expect the American congressmen to push the administration
department to enforce the Senate House to fulfill the San Francisco Peace Treaty signed on April 28, 1952 to prevent the above-mentioned Treaty from laying on the Congress Library.
In other words, American Senate’s should attack the Administrative Officials owing to their poor management. We ask for them to execute all the details of the San Francisco Peace Treaty in order to protect the Taiwanese human right in the meanwhile to shut up the Chinese Communists, I.e. C C P.


Taiwan Autonomy Alliance

( 英文由 Yvette Su 撰寫 )